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3 Steps to Introduce Positive Psychology at Work

If you’re new to positive psychology or thinking about how you can implement it on a practical level in your workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike traditional psychology it doesn’t focus on dysfunction, what’s broken or what’s not working. Nope. By looking at what works it aims to create more of it. Positive psychology is a new, science backed paradigm that will enable your team to flourish, optimise performance and even, wait for it, feel happier at work. We show you how.

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How Positive Psychology Can Transform Your Leadership

Positive psychology has turned traditional leadership metrics upside down. This new science of success examines strengths rather than weakness, celebrates failure as the path to mastery and encourages a culture of learning rather than competition. We dive into three tried and tested, evidence based kick ass positive psychology practices that will positively impact upon your leadership.

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Resilience at Work Training

Resilience at Work Training: Our New NHS Partnership

Resilience at Work Training With Medical Professionals

We are thrilled to be partnering with the NHS to design and deliver Resilience at Work Training to doctors and consultants working in the health service. We know how hard staff work in the NHS and it’s a real privilege to have the opportunity to support them with our resilience at work training. We’re really looking forward to supporting a team of such dedicated, committed professionals who make a huge difference to the lives of others on a daily basis.

Resilience at work: What’s Involved?

Our resilience at work training will combine the latest research from the world of wellbeing and resilience with positive psychology and mindfulness. We’ll be covering all aspects of wellbeing as well as looking at opportunities to increase flow for surgeons working in pressured environments that demand a high level of focus.

We’ve designed a highly interactive workshop that will provide physicians with an incredibly practical toolkit of strategies, techniques and tricks that they can take away and begin using straight away. We’re working in partnership with the NHS to ensure that the resilience at work training meets the needs of their staff, improving their wellbeing and resilience.

We’ll be using our own research too!

We’ll also be using research from our current doctoral studies into mindfulness, leadership and resilience that are now underway. We’re really looking forward to continuing our partnership and supporting staff in the NHS post workshop with a dedicated suite of after support including personality assessments, articles, podcasts, videos and blogs.

Where Can I Find Great Training Courses By Experts?


Where can I find great training courses?

You won’t ever pay extra for bespoke, tailored training with us. It comes as standard with our training courses (and we’ll guarantee that our standard is less than our competitors).

We’ll also give you UNLIMITED support after we’ve worked with you and delivered your training courses.

You’ll get FREE access to a huge range of resources including psychometrics, self assessments, blogs, e-books, podcasts and videos. Our suite of resources complements all of our training courses.

You and your team will get FREE access to our virtual Q&A surgeries to trouble shoot any challenges that you come up against after your bespoke training course.

We’re here for you. We want you to succeed and we’d like to be part of that by doing everything we can to help you get there. It means everything to us.

No fuss. No gimmicks. No spin.

Just very well qualified, highly experienced trainers who want your performance to soar. We’re different because, well, you are.

Find out more about what we do by visiting the rest of this site or our events page www.positivechangeguru.com or contact us as admin@positivechangeguru.com

Don’t forget we can create a course for you, bespoke, tailored to your exact needs at no extra cost.

You can ask us to create bitesize espresso, half day, 1 day or 2 day training options for you all at no extra cost. We also deliver conference keynotes based upon our latest research. Just ask! Contact us at admin@positivechangeguru.com

How to Manage Mood Hoovers

Are you under attack from Mood Hoovers?

No matter how positive you are, sometimes you’re in a situation where those around you have lost their mojo and radiate negativity. Unknowingly these emotional vampires suck the positivity out of everyone around them with their doom and gloom approach to life. It can happen to any of us and we’re all entitled to an off day but on a regular basis it can be exhausting and completely drain your energy levels. If you frequently find yourself in a situation where you’re surrounded by negativity, in the office, with friends or even at home, here’s our quick survival guide to managing mood hoovers.

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What’s in your positive emotions toolkit?

The powerful benefits of positive emotions

Psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson is famous for her ‘broaden and build’ theory on positive emotions. Fredrickson’s research shows that the more we focus on, and build, our repertoire of positive emotions, the broader the application of our positive emotions and their benefits become. We examine the best way to broaden and build your own positive emotions.

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How Emotionally Intelligent Are You Really?

How emotionally intelligent are you really? You think you’ve got it covered, well, sort of? Emotional intelligence is a profile of competencies, it doesn’t boil down to you either have it or you don’t. The starting point is self awareness, the ability to recognise what you’re feeling when you are feeling it. But that’s not all there is to emotional intelligence. We investigate.

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