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Heart Health & Flax Seed

When you think of heart health do you immediately think of gyms, dietary regimes and pills as you head straight for the couch? Sometimes it all seems like too much effort, especially if you buy in to the all or nothing approach. Here at PCG we favour the approach of taking small, bitesized steps towards big changes. Drum roll. Flax seed. The sum total of those incremental steps pay huge dividends when they all start stacking up. And when it comes to heart health, adding flax seed to your diet will provide an impressive return on investment.

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Are Your Relationships Killing You?

Mood Hoovers. Emotional Vampires. We’ve all met them. Whether it’s a colleague at work, your boss, that demanding client, friends, a family member or even a partner. You’ll recognise them by that sinking feeling when you’re with them or the way that you feel depleted after spending any length of time in their company. Maybe just thinking about them leaves you feeling low. They drain you. They sap your energy. You’ll feel like crap after they’ve offloaded their emotional junk on you. It takes time to re-balance and find your equilibrium again after they’ve gone. Negative encounters are part of life. But what if you find yourself surrounded by them?

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