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Introduction to Mindfulness 002

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the second episode of The Positive Change Guru Podcast, the podcast for a positive community. We want you to be inspired, achieve your dreams and take action. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals and unleash your awesomeness by providing you with practical, actionable tools for positive change. So what better place to start than with the subject of our second episode,  Introduction to Mindfulness. Let’s go!

Introduction to Mindfulness

There has been an explosion of interest in mindfulness over the past ten years. Everywhere you turn the conversation will sooner or later turn to mindfulness whether it’s at work or at home. You probably already know someone who has tried it or practices it. But what exactly is it and how can you develop it. In this podcast we’ll take a look at some key mindfulness concepts and introduce you to some simple mindfulness practices that you can start to use straight away.

What you’ll find in this ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ show

In our second show we take a deep dive into mindfulness. We’ll introduce you to what mindfulness is and isn’t.

Listen in to this episode and discover:

  1. What is mindfulness
  2. What is mind-less-ness
  3. How you can identify whether you are mindful
  4. Who is using mindfulness
  5. How mindfulness can help you to build resilience and reduce stress
  6. Practices and tips to develop mindfulness

Thanks for listening!

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