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Practical tools for Positive Change

The Positive Change Guru website is an opportunity to share what we’ve learned and provide others with practical tools for positive change. The website also provides a platform for you to share the tools and techniques that have successfully created positive change in your personal and professional life.

Why Positive Change Guru?

Guru is a sanskrit word, with ‘gu’ meaning darkness and ‘ru’ meaning dispeller. Guru is often translated to mean dispeller of darkness. Other sources claim the meaning is more accurately translated as heavy, so the guru is one who is ‘heavy ¬†with knowledge.’ Either way, Positive Change Guru aims to give you all the heavy weight information you will need to be your own positive change guru.

Viv recently spent 90 minutes with the Financial Times Communications Team discussing emotional intelligence in the workplace and how it can help teams improve their performance. Her session was highly interactive and very relevant, covering the principles behind EI and using practical examples to show how these work. The group feedback was unanimously positive. Viv’s session¬†generated a lot of conversation throughout the rest of the day and left us with a lot of food for thought.

Financial Times

Emily Gibbs, Head of Corporate and Internal Communications
Financial Times.